Tired of always being everyone's problem, says Messi

Sports Thursday 19/November/2020 11:26 AM
Tired of always being everyone's problem, says Messi

Barcelona: Argentine striker Lionel Messi has said that he is tired of being blamed for everyone's failure at Spanish club Barcelona. 

Messi's remark comes as Antoine Griezmann's uncle Emmanuel Lopes criticised Messi for being the root cause of all problems at Barcelona. After returning to Spain from the international break, Messi also had an encounter with a tax inspector who was seeking documentation beforehand.

"I'm tired of always being everyone's problem at the club. I get here after a 15-hour flight and I find a tax agent here, it's ridiculous," Goal.com quoted Messi as saying.

Griezmann had made a switch from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona but the attacker has not been able to repeat his success for the Catalan side.

As a result, Griezmann uncle's and agent defended him and the duo went on to criticise Messi.

"Griezmann was convinced that he wasn't going to be successful within the first six months, but what I didn't expect was that it would last an entire year," Lopes told El Chiringuito, as reported by Goal.com.

"Besides, with Messi, I know what's going on inside [the club] - it's not easy. Basically, [Messi] doesn't work hard enough at Barca and the training sessions are structured in order to please certain people, which is fine if you don't want to work [as hard]," he added.

Earlier this year, Messi and Barcelona had a bad fallout as the Argentine striker wanted to leave the club, but in the end, he stayed with the club as he did not want to settle matters in court.