Dhamani platform links corporate, medical and insurance records

Business Monday 09/November/2020 14:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Dhamani platform links corporate, medical and insurance records

Muscat: Data traffic will be managed easily and conveniently through the Dhamani platform as it links the corporate records and patient's medical records with insurance records.

The Capital Market Authority (CMA) held on Monday a virtual introductory meeting on Dhamani platform. The meeting was chaired by Ahmed Ali Al Maamari, Vice President of Insurance Sector, with the participation of Infoline Oman, the company executing Dhamani platform and the insurance companies, brokers, agents, third party claim administrators and private hospitals and clinics.

Al Maamari said, “Dhamani platform focuses on the exchange of health information on the visitors of private health institutions and will contribute in the settlement of insurance claims as well as time-saving, funds transfer, requests for approval and validation of insurance coverage among the parties of the insurance relationship, the regulators and supervisors.”

Al Maamari added, “The Dhamani platform will achieve integration with the Ministry of Health “Shifa” system to link the patients’ medical records with the health insurance records that will eventually enable a unified patients records in the future, besides the companies’ registration databases of the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the ID card and immigration system of the Royal Oman Police. This is to enable real-time validation of member eligibility credentials during health insurance transactions as well as the link with payment gateways (through prompt submission, adjudication, conciliation and payment) which will lead to better cash flow between healthcare providers and payers in addition to minimising unwarranted utilisation and fraud.”

According to CMA, the platform will link 1,700 health services providers with 2.5 million beneficiaries.

Engineer Mohammed Hamed Al Maskari, Chief Executive Officer of Infoline commended, "The CMA policy in regulating the health insurance market by focusing on creating an electronic platform the control and quality of health insurance transactions using state-of-the-art technology further to the importance of creating health records for patients which can be accessed from any health institution linked to the platform which would contribute to quality health insurance and treatment services in the private healthcare institutions and appropriate medical prescriptions for each patient.

He added that CMA’s selection of a consortium of national and international companies, led by Infoline which is an Omani company, was due to the ability of the partnership  that participated in building health insurance claim administration platforms in several countries, and due to the transformation in the health insurance sector in such countries, the system contributed in providing technologies enabling speedy access to approvals for treatment, easy follow-up by the supervisors to limit delays and unsound practices in dealing with insurance policies.

Al Maskari said the platform project is a national project that requires cooperation to overcome the expected challenges and all companies are required to improve their internal systems to ease linking processes to ensure easy flow of data. He pointed out that the company has created suitable solutions to improve the systems of insurance companies and health institutions that will be linked to the platform.

On the technologies used in the platform, Al Maskari said the CMA’s selection of the consortium was based on the expertise especially the international partner who introduced up to date standards related to information security as CMA attaches great importance to this issue especially about the network to be used to link all the stakeholders and data centre to be used for data storage.

Dhamani project is progressing according to clear strategy in line with the government’s digital transformation initiatives besides engaging the private sector to play an important role in line with 2040 Oman Visions in creating wealth through economic diversification and private sector partnership to facilitate decent and sustainable life for all.