Al-Dakhiliya Municipality issues clarification for uprooting trees

Oman Saturday 07/November/2020 11:13 AM
By: Times News Service
Al-Dakhiliya Municipality issues clarification for uprooting trees
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Muscat: The Al-Dakhiliya Municipality has published clarification about uprooting trees planted by child Issa. 

The story begins in a tweet of a citizen complaining about the removal of trees planted by the child Issa, said, “Izki Municipality destroys the ambition of the child Issa because of the removal of the trees that he planted."

The municipality added, "The municipality department has taken the measures mandated by the law in accordance with the mechanism and procedures for immediate removal by addressing the owners of the violating lands to remove the unlawful infringements and when there was no response. The matter was referred to the department concerned with Al Dakhiliyah Municipality and the removal committee examined the violation."

The municipality also said, "Then it decided to remove the violation based on the law of trespassing on white land after giving sufficient time. The violator has been notified of the removal date. This is what is usually done in the procedures of similar violations"