be’ah launches new mobile waste recycling unit

Roundup Sunday 01/November/2020 17:27 PM
By: Times News Service
be’ah launches new mobile waste recycling unit

Muscat: Continuing its efforts towards a greener, sustainable Oman, be’ah has launched the first mobile recycling unit in Al Batinah Governorate as a step to implement recycling initiatives to recover value from different materials, and reduce the amount of waste disposed of in engineered landfills which is the core of the company’s waste diversion strategy.

Such initiatives encourage the public to practice and support the concept of waste sorting and segregation from the source. The recycling units will be located in Barka and Al Rustaq as an initial stage, and then the service will be expanded to cover other wilayats like Al Musanaah and Nakhal.

Eng. Abdullah Mohamed Al-Balushi, Operations Manager for Al Batinah South, said in a statement, “We have successfully launched a mobile recycling centre initially in Wilayat Barka, it consists of four sorting categories for plastic, glass, paper, cardboard and tin cans. The unit is supervised by be’ah employees and the Governorate Operating Company to spread awareness, promote the concept of waste sorting and reduce waste generation at source. The Center is expected to continue in Wilayat Barka for 10 days based on its effectiveness, the rest of the centres will be distributed as per the company’s planned timeline.”

Al Balushi explained, “The mobile recycling centre is a 20 m3 container and the inner part of it includes bins for different types of waste which will be then recycled.”

He also said, “The waste collected in the centre will be transported by a dedicated truck according to the schedule of each site. The recycling unit will be available for ten days at the same location, the public can utilise it from 7 am to 10 pm. This will give them more exposure to the service.

He added, “We are currently working with local companies to recycle these types of waste to reduce the amount of waste destined to our engineered landfill, thus saving spaces in these landfills.