CBSE Class XII results: Hard work pays for Indian School Darsait students

Oman Saturday 21/May/2016 22:18 PM
By: Times News Service
CBSE Class XII results: Hard work pays for Indian School Darsait students

Muscat: Students of Indian School Darsait (ISD) proved yet again that with hard work and dedication one can reach great heights.
In the AISSC Examination for the year 2015-16, conducted by the Indian Central Board of Secondary Education, Grade XII students of the school produced hundred per cent results.
Aishwarya Gayathri topped with 97.4 per cent in the science stream, while Joshua Albert bagged the second position with 95.4 per cent and Meghna Lijo came third with 95.2 per cent.
In commerce stream, Vigneshwar Arul Selvan secured the first position with 92 per cent, followed by Jesbi Suja Babu with 89.6 per cent while Lino Cherian Binoy grabbed the third position with 89.4 per cent.
Out of 65 students in science stream, 52 per cent students scored 80 per cent and above and in the commerce stream out of 64 students, 48 per cent scored 71 per cent and above.
Among the subjects, psychology topped, scoring the school average of 94 per cent while English came second with the school average of 88.9 per cent, bettering remarkably all past achievements.
School averages in other subjects are: marketing 88.1 per cent, computer science 83.8 per cent, multimedia & web technology 82.3 per cent, chemistry 80.5 per cent, physics 76.6 per cent, biology 74.1 per cent, business studies 70.3 per cent, mathematics 68.5 per cent economics 58 per cent& accountancy 55.5 per cent.
In English, Meghna Lijo scored 97 followed by Joshua Albert with 96 marks. Besides, 67 students scored 95 marks each excelling all previous records.
Ten students, namely, Joshua Albert, Rahul Rajesh Kumar, Sreelakshmi Paruvayakode, Amna Nizar, Ambika Jayasankar, RM Rajeeva Lokshanan, Krishnamurthy DK, Joel John, Lino Cherian Binoy and Vigneshwar Arul Selvan scored 95 marks in mathematics.
Aishwarya Gayathri brought laurels to school when she scored centum in Computer Science. Apart from this memorable feat, she has also topped in Chemistry with 99 marks and in Biology with 98 marks. Tanseem Khan scored 96 in Psychology.
Aishwarya Gayatri, Joshua Albert, Rahul Rajesh Kumar, Sreelakshmi Paruvayakode, RM Rajeeva Lokshanan and Meghna Lijo scored 95 in Physics.
In the Commerce Stream, Aiswarya P was the top scorer in Marketing with 99 marks. Mehar Fatima scored 95marks in Multimedia and Web Technology. Diya Dinesh, Vigneshwar Arul Selvan, Aiswarya. P scored 95 in Economics. While in Business Studies, Diya Dinesh, Vigneshwar Arul Selvan and Aiswarya. P became the top scorers with 95. Amil Sajjad and Vigneshwar Arul Selvan scored 84 in Accountancy.
Dr. Sridevi P. Thashnath, Principal congratulated the students, parents and teachers on this remarkable achievement creating history in the annals of the school. She lauded the strenuous efforts of all who worked as catalysts in making school proud.
The President of SMC Mr. Abdul Rahim Kasim and other esteemed members of the SMC conveyed their happiness over the excellent results.