Job Security System for terminated Omani workers to operate from November 1

Oman Sunday 25/October/2020 16:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Job Security System for terminated Omani workers to operate from November 1
The system will also help terminated Omani workers to secure new jobs.

Muscat: The Job Security System (JSS) to provide decent standards of living to Omanis terminated  from their jobs will start operating from November 1.

Because of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the online capabilities of the system.

This is expected to have a positive impact in terms of achieving job stability across all economic sectors of the Sultanate.

Issued under Royal Decree No. 82/2020, the committee tasked with setting up the Job Security System has called on nationals in the private sector who have been removed from their employment for reasons beyond their control, to submit an application to receive payment from the system, provided they meet the conditions for enrolment.

Eligible Omanis can register  in Job Security System by visiting the website of the Ministry of Labour (, the Public Authority for Social Insurance (, or that of the General Federation of Oman Workers (

A statement from the Government Communications Centre said, “Emphasis on the online nature of this system has been made, so that people do not need to go to government offices to find out if they are eligible for these payments, and follow the precautions required during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Authorities from the Ministry of Labour and the Public Authority for Social Insurance will develop practical frameworks to ensure the Job Security System meets its objectives.”

“This will help to create an attractive work environment and ensure the job security of workers, which is an important issue to address, especially at this time, because of the increasing impact of the economic conditions in general, and the COVID-19 pandemic in particular.”

Apart from receiving payments, registered workers will get support to undergo training besides assistance in searching for other jobs.

Under the system, the Ministry of Labour will also ensure that the terminated  workers receive all their dues.

The benefits for entitled persons comes as part of a package of incentives through the Job Security System and it will have a positive effect on the social stability of national manpower in all sectors.

It will also activate the policy of employment in accordance with established regulations.
Moreover, on the principle of exchanged roles in this national project, it has been decided that each authority will undertake a certain role.

While the MoL will register the names of terminated employees, offers them jobs and train them, PASI will distribute benefits to entitled persons and take care of subscriptions and JSS financial resources and investments.