Academic manual for Indian schools released

Oman Wednesday 16/September/2020 19:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Academic manual for Indian schools released

Muscat: The Board of Directors of Indian Schools Oman has released an academic manual for all Indian Schools in Oman, during its meeting held on September 7, 2020.
The academic manual has been drafted by a specially-created team comprising of eminent senior teachers from different Indian Schools, with inputs from the Principals of Indian Schools as well as Academic Advisory Committee that included academicians and experts from various sectors and organisations in Oman.
The manual aims to be common framework that offers guidance to all Indian Schools in Oman on matters pertaining to the academic administrative works of the schools.
“The academic manual, developed under the aegis of the Board of Directors, is the fruit of the labour of a committee of academicians – subject experts from within and outside of our schooling system.
Modern curriculum
“This manual will be a guiding light for our schools and will facilitate in streamlining of our processes as we strive to pursue a modern curriculum and offer holistic education,” said Dr. Baby Sam Saamuel, Chairman, Board of Directors of Indian Schools Oman.
Gajesh Dhariwal, Director of the Indian School Board, launch ed and presented the first copy of the manual to Vinoba M.P., Senior Principal and Education Advisor to the Board of Directors.
The manual is founded on the concept of holistic education which underscores the necessity of all-round development of a child – academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. This is in line with the continued pursuit and vision of the Board in bringing about transformative learning where every child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and well-being to find their identity and purpose in life.