Al Amerat: History and modernity in perfect harmony

Oman Wednesday 09/September/2020 13:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Amerat: History and modernity in perfect harmony

Where: The wilayat of Al Amerat borders Muscat, Baushar, Muttrah and Quriyat. What was once just an empty expanse is now a developed place with villas and commercial buildings along with agricultural villages and other attractions. Al Hajer, Jahlout, Wadi Al Meeh, Wadi Al Sireen and Nahda are some of the important villages.
What’s Special: The wilayat of Al Amerat has several mosques and important landmarks with Wadi Sireen Nature Preserve, Jebel Saqif and the red ochre quarry being the significant ones. Al Khafaiji mosque, Al Midam, Al Harah and Ain Fuad are some of the famous mosques. Situated 35 km away from the centre of the wilayat, Wadi Sireen Nature Reserve is a famous animal sanctuary where gazelles, mules, wolves, birds, and rare wild animals can be found.It is also famous for the Arabian Tahr which is considered one of the world’s rarest animals. There are some historic sites like Baai castle, Al Rajie and Al Mandhriyah towers.
Livelihood: Farming, herding, woodcutting, mining and quarrying are some of the important traditional occupations of the people living in this wilayat. Traditional handicraft includes weaving palm frond along with gold and silverwork.