Five Best Cinemas to Watch Movies in Muscat
October 12, 2016 | 9:26 PM


At last, an IMAX theatre has been installed in Muscat. Head to City Centre Qurum to experience the magic of the 18-metre curved screen. Make sure you pick an action-filled movie to fully take advantage of the immersive experience.

VOX, City Centre Qurum

Qurum, Muscat

+968 2234 4444


Vox offers a new viewing option in its massive screen MAX halls. Watch your favourite flick from any genre in the mega-theatre, but to really feel as if you are part of the story, go for one of the awesome 3D options.

VOX, City Centre Muscat

Al Mawaleh, Seeb, Muscat

+968 2234 4444

3. MX4D

MX4D at Panorama Mall is the only theatre in town that offers a so-called 4-D experience, with 3D imaging coupled with special effects including motion seats, splashing water, smoke, and laser beams integrated into the movie viewing experience.

City Cinema Panorama Mall

Bousher, Muscat

+968 2456 7668

4. City Cinema Ruwi

Fancy seeing a Bollywood flick this weekend? City Cinema in Ruwi is famous for previewing some of the best and latest Hindi films each week. Use the old-school intermission break in the film to give stretch, go to the toilet, walk around the old theatre, or grab another popcorn.

City Cinema Ruwi

Ruwi, Muscat

+968 2456 7668

5. 7D

For an interesting, semi-cinematic experience, head to Funzone in Qurum to try the 7D experience—a short “film” featuring over seven unique special effects starting with a gripping rollercoaster ride and 3D glasses.

Funzone (next to Qurum Natural Park)

Qurum Street, Qurum

+968 2466 2951

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