Little girl unharmed after kite takes off with her in Taiwan

World Monday 31/August/2020 19:39 PM
By: Times News Service

Taipei: A three-year-old girl in Taiwan was left unharmed after strong winds meant the long kite she was holding became airborne while she was still holding it.

The incident took place at a kite-flying display on the island nation, with the little girl one of many people setting up the event. While assembling the device, which is made from many individual segments of material, a strong gust of wind lifts the girl and her piece of kite up into the air, drawing gasps of concern from the hundreds of people assembled.

The little girl, though, despite being airborne, has the presence of mind to hold on to her kite fabric, because she knows letting go is a far more dangerous proposition. The elements are kind to her on the day, and she ends up landing unharmed, with her portion of kite cushioning her descent.