Female students in Oman can’t leave campus without the approval of their parents
March 7, 2019 | 12:15 PM
by Times News Service
Photo - shutterstock

Muscat: Female students who attend university in Oman cannot leave their campuses without first seeking permission from their parents.

Oman’s Ministry of Higher Education confirmed that it had issued these instructions to not allow female students to leave college and university campuses without the approval of their parents.

This came in response to parliamentary questions by members of the Majlis Al Shura to the Minister of Higher Education about linking the internal scholarships of university students to their internal campus at the university.

The ministry added that it would take measures to organise the matter.

The ministry explained that it sought to find solutions through the visit of the students’ campuses, explaining that this came from the awareness of the importance of reducing the phenomenon of female students living in unknown places, which are not subject to the controls or supervision of the ministry.

In addition, the Sultanate’s Ministry of Education has said that it will soon be mandatory for all Omani male students to compulsorily wear the dishdasha while attending school and university.

The ministry further added that it would issue a circular on the obligation of students in Omani uniforms before the beginning of the academic year for 2019/2020.

This came in response to the Minister of Education regarding a question addressed to her by the Shura Council on the issuance of a decision to require school students to wear the traditional Omani dishdasha.

The response stated that the Council of Ministers, at meeting No. 2/2019 held on 8 January 2019, confirmed the commitment of employees of government institutions as well as students of universities and public schools to wear Omani uniforms.

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