Khoula Hospital in Oman performs rare surgery

Oman Tuesday 18/August/2020 13:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Khoula Hospital in Oman performs rare surgery

Muscat: Doctors at the Khoula Hospital succeeded recently in removing a 6.2 kg tumour for a 46-year-old Omani patient.

"Many years ago, the patient noticed a swelling in his back of his right thigh. However, six months before, he noticed that the swelling was growing in size. After evaluating the patient, it was concluded that he has a malignant tumor; measuring 31x12x14 cm that needed to be removed," a statement from the hospital said.

"The difficult part was that the main blood vessel and nerve crucial for the function of the leg was very close to the tumuor. Therefore they were at risk of
damage at the time of the operation. And any damage to any of these structures would have been catastrophic rendering the leg functionless," the statement further said.

The surgery, which lasted for approximately three and a half hours, was performed by a medical team comprising of Dr. Renjit Kumar, tumour surgeon, Dr. Yasser Abbas, vascular surgeon, and Dr. Said Al Busaidi, plastic surgeon.

"The patient is recovering and expected to be able to walk like before in about 2 to 3 weeks."