Expats arrested in Oman for illegal commercial activities

Oman Thursday 19/May/2016 08:21 AM
By: Times News Service
Expats arrested in Oman for illegal commercial activities

Muscat: Municipal authorities in Muscat arrested expatriates involved in business activities without licence and preparing mashakik at a house in Seeb.
In cooperation with authorities, the Department of Food Inspection and Monitoring at the Directorate General of Muscat Municipality responded to reports from locals, which led to the arrest of the expatriate workers for indulging in commercial activities without a municipal licence.
The illegal activity was reportedly detected at a farm in Wadi Al Lawami in Wiyalat Seeb, where the workers were said to be selling foodstuff and illegal tobacco, which violates the regulations for the protection of public health.
Similarly, another group of expatriates were arrested for preparing mashakik (barbeque) inside a house in Wadi Al Bahais in Wilayat Seeb as well.
The conditions for preparation were in violation of health norms, which includes poor storage. The mashakik was distributed to vendors in Seeb.
The municipality seized 200 kilograms (kg) of meat, 30 kg of squid, 50 kg of fish and 20 kg of spices, as well as used equipment, which violates the Local Order (1/2006) regarding the protection of public health.
Further procedures will continue in accordance with the law and organisational procedures of the Muscat Municipality.