Zubair SEC facilitates signing of cooperation agreement between its members

Roundup Wednesday 12/August/2020 15:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Zubair SEC facilitates signing of cooperation agreement between its members

Muscat: Members of Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC), Jamila Hamed Al Siyabi, founder of Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya, a specialist in doors and accessories and Kadhia Hamid Al Nabhani, founder and principal of Jana’en Al Hamra Private School signed a commercial contract recently.
As per the contract, Jamila’s Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya will supply doors and fittings for a new school that Kadhia is building in Al Hamra in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate.
Kadhia Al Nabhani was selected amongst members for Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year in 2015, while Jamila Al Siyabi joined the 2017 batch of the programme. The Direct Support Programme organised by Zubair SEC has been providing comprehensive support and guidance to high-potential young entrepreneurs and business owners for the last several years.
This agreement between Kadhia and Jamilais part of Zubair SEC’s strategy to facilitate cross-selling between its members and encourage them to collaborate and provide growth opportunities for each other.
Lauding the members on their business progress, Ali Shaker, Advisor, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Zubair SEC said, “Business development is part and parcel of the progress of any project; as such, since the beginning, we have been very keen on extending special support in this area to our members. Such efforts come as part of our “Tajseer” initiative through which we help facilitate business opportunities and contracts for our members with large companies and also encourage our members to exchange services and commercial activities amongst themselves. We are immensely proud of the tremendous dedication and progress that Kadhiaand Jamila has demonstrated over the past few years. Both are brilliant members of our Direct Support Programme and we have witnessed their perseverance and hard work paying off through the growth of their businesses.”
Zubair SEC is particularly proud of this agreement since it witnesses two of its hardworking women entrepreneurs collaborating. Jamila will be supplying doors and fittings from her main factory supplier in Turkey for Kadhia’s new school project at Al Hamra. Zubair SEC advisors feel such initiatives encourage members to meet market standards and quality.
Thanking Zubair SEC, Jamila said, “The centre has played a significant role in the success of my business journey. It feels incredible to collaborate with a fellow woman entrepreneur as Kadhiawho has proven her mettle running a successful and school. I am delighted that she chose Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya for her new school project. Over the last couple of years, we established a good reputation for our businesses. I thank all the advisors at Zubair SEC for being guiding lights to me and many SMEs.”
Kadhia said, “First of all I would like to thank Zubair SEC for all the support and the services they have provided us, entrepreneurs, to manage our businesses efficiently. I am also grateful to them for the role they played in facilitating the signing of this agreement. I am happy to partner with Jamila who runs a reputed brand. I chose her after comparing and checking with a few well-known suppliers in Oman. I was thrilled that she meets high-quality specifications and standards of the industry.”
Zubair SEC has enabled several similar agreements between members across past years and paved the way for business development opportunities for them.
To help better equip her with industry knowledge, Zubair SEC had earlier sent Jamila to attend a construction and building material exhibition in Turkey. The objective of sending Jamila to one of Turkey's largest exhibitions was to expose her to the latest products, new trends, technologies and innovations.
The centre has also helped Jamila to launch her renovated showroom and a new warehouse.
In line with its strategy to facilitate business development opportunities, Zubair SEC had enabled an agreement between Jamila’s Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya and Samail Comprehensive Enterprises Corporation. As per the terms of the agreement, Samail Comprehensive Enterprises Corporation sells and market products of Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya.
At the very early stages of Kadhia’s membership at Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme, the centre funded the construction of new classrooms for Kadhia’sfirst school. Heralding a new chapter in its growth, Jana’en Al Hamra Private School also back then launched a new corporate logo and identity in collaboration with Zubair SEC.