Ministry changes test criteria for COVID-19 patients

Oman Sunday 26/July/2020 15:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Ministry changes test criteria for COVID-19 patients

Muscat: People showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be told to isolate themselves for ten days, and coronavirus tests in government hospitals will be reserved only for medical staff and hospitalised patients, the Ministry of Health has decided.
Speaking exclusively to the Times of Oman, an official from the ministry said, "Whoever has a cold, must isolate and if they have COVID-19 symptoms ranging from mild to moderate, they will be treated as a positive case and their name will be added to the healthcare system without a test."
Since 25 July, 2020, this system of testing has been implemented across all government health institutions. Patients, however, can still receive COVID testing at private hospitals in Oman.
The official added, "There will be no tests for those who have symptoms of severe cold, temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, coughing and shortness of breath. If the conditions do not require hospitalisation, their name will be recorded and they will be asked to isolate themselves for ten days."
"The same procedures will apply to the primary contacts of the person. If any person's condition worsens, they will be asked to admit themselves to a health institution. Exceptions are made for employees in the health sector and only those who are already hospitalised.”
“This is a health policy used by the Gulf and European countries because there is no treatment for COVID-19. Even if a positive condition is discovered, no treatment can be offered except medical care for critical cases,” the official added.