Beary Perfumes in Muscat

T-Mag Saturday 16/January/2016 11:51 AM
By: Times News Service
Beary Perfumes in Muscat

As someone who is obsessed with oriental scents, from bakhoor to heady perfume oils, I was especially intrigued when I heard about BEARY, a new Muscat-based perfume label that has created a line of modern arabesque fragrances that combine breezy florals and sweet frankincense with the unmistakably sensual, dark essence of oud. [email protected]

The Noire: A romantic combination of French florals with Eastern amber and oud. OMR 28

Oud Edit by BEARY: A unisex fragrance with the raw intensity of pure oud accented with spicy oriental notes and florals. OMR 37.5

Elysium: With basenotes of sandalwood, this delicate blend of luban, roses and patchouli is spiced up with pink peppercorns and deepened with the addition of oud. OMR30

Tales of the Mediterranean: Breezy and light, the soft florals notes of this scent are made more mysterious with woodsy Arabian spices. OMR22

BEARY | | Al Rowdha Boulevard, South Mawaleh, +968 9690 1566 | Souq Al Taybin, Barka, +968 9761 7450