Owners of neglected, unsupervised animals to face fines in Oman

Energy Sunday 26/July/2020 12:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Owners of neglected, unsupervised animals to face fines in Oman

Muscat: The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources has issued a decision on processes for the seizure of stray or neglected animals.

The details of the decision are as follows:

1. Stray or neglected animals include camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep, and every animal that its owner or guardian has left to wander without supervision.

2. It is prohibited to leave the animals loose or neglected, or to allow them to graze in cities and residential villages or at a distance of less than one kilometre from main roads, or less than half a kilometre from the secondary roads.

3. The competent municipality must set up sheds to seize stray or neglected animals, provide food and water, take care of any animal that has been seized, isolate the infected animal, and provide the necessary treatment based on the guidance of the veterinarian.

4. Any person who finds a loose or neglected animal in his home, farm, store, facility, or land, or has caused damage to his property, may personally hand the animal over to the keeper of stray or neglected animals.

5. In each competent municipality, a register shall be established in which the data of the person who delivered the wild animal, or the one neglected, and who received the animal, the date of its delivery, its type, and its description during its receipt.

6. The competent municipality shall obtain from the owner of the wild or neglected animal upon receiving the animal, in exchange for the services provided to the animal, fees in the following categories:

- OMR 150 per day for every camel or horse.

- OMR 50 per day for each cow.

- OMR 10 per day for each goat or sheep, or any other animal.

7. The competent municipality must hand over the stray or neglected animal to its owner after entering his identity, proving ownership, date of receipt and witnesses - if any - in the registry, and after all fees and fines have been paid.

8. The competent municipality shall undertake, through public auction, the sale of a stray or neglected animal that if no one shall apply for recovery within (5) five working days from the date of entry into the barn, and the proceeds of the sale shall be supplied to the municipality treasury.

9. An administrative fine is imposed on the owner of the wild animal or neglected animal upon receipt by the competent municipality, as follows:

- OMR 100 per day for every camel or horse.

- OMR 50 per day for each cow.

- OMR 30 per day for each head of goat, sheep or any other animal.

The fine shall be doubled if the violation is repeated within one year.