Approval required for providing additional services: Muscat Municipality

Oman Tuesday 20/October/2020 19:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Approval required for providing additional services: Muscat Municipality
Muscat Municipality issues reminder amid inspections to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements notified to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Muscat: Businesses in Muscat are not permitted to offer any additional services to their customers, without first seeking approval from Muscat Municipality.

The announcement came as municipal officials continue to inspect businesses in the capital to make sure they comply with the health and safety requirements issued to stop the spread of COVID-19.
“No facilities may be added to the shop until prior approval is obtained from the municipality,” said a statement from the public body.

Shops must ensure the safety measures listed by the municipality are provided to their employees, both on the premises, as well as in any accommodation allotted to them by the company.

Muscat Municipality recently put out a list of 92 legal articles distributed over 19 chapters, which concern the health and safety parameters businesses need to follow, as well as the penalties incurred by those found violating them.

Attention has been paid in particular to the requirements barbershops and beauty salons need to adhere to, owing to the nature of their work.

“Men’s personal care centres, which provide various services other than shaving, have special health needs for the basic services that can be provided,” said Muscat Municipality. “This must take into importance the need for these measures in service areas, and the precautions that employees must take to protect their health while providing these services.”

“Women’s hairdressing and beauty parlours are also included in the same regulation,” they added.

“Chapter Six of the regulations contains the health specifications related to the practice of a mobile women’s salon, which utilises a vehicle, and includes specifying the nature of this activity and the services involved. The permit granted for such activities differs from that provided for services in women’s hairdressing and beauty salons.”

Measures have also been announced for health clubs and fitness centres in the capital. Measures to protect the health of employees must also be followed in the facilities attached to such establishments, including changing rooms, locker rooms, reception areas, first aid areas, and the gym itself.

“Employees must comply with these rules while providing the related services,” added Muscat Municipality, which said it was “making sure all standards and requirements are met under any condition.”