Rashes on body could be early sign of COVID-19

Oman Thursday 08/October/2020 14:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Rashes on body could be early sign of COVID-19

Muscat: Cutaneous manifestations during the COVID-19 pandemic could be an early sign of the infection, according to the Sultan Qaboos Hospital. 

Cutaneous manifestations include skin lesions like urticaria, chickenpox-like and drug-related rashes and similar rashes on fingers. 

According to the Dermatology Unit, Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at SQUH, skin lesions may appear before the onset of respiratory symptoms of the COVID-19, showing an early sign of the coronavirus infection.

SQU Hospital said: "With the spread of COVID-19, the cutaneous manifestations of the disease are being widely reported. The cutaneous lesions are mainly present on the chest 66.7 per cent and on hand and feet 19.4 per cent."

"The first COVID-related cutaneous manifestations were reported from Italy. Recently skin rashes on fingers were reported as a more specific proof of the Covid-19 infection," the SQUH said, adding timely and accurate identification of the relevant manifestations may play a key role in early diagnosis and treatment of the disease.