Firms can pay membership renewal fee till end of year

Oman Monday 05/October/2020 12:44 PM
By: Times News Service
Firms can pay membership renewal fee till end of year

Muscat: Companies in Oman can now pay their membership renewal fees till the end of the year, announced the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI). 

The OCCI said in a statement: “The Board of Directors has extend until the end of this year, the time for companies to renew their fees. This comes within the Chamber’s interest and its observance of the current conditions that the private sector is going through due to the outbreak of COVID-19.”

Ali Al Jabri, the head of OCCI branch in North Al Sharqiyah said: “Since the announcement of initiative on March 2020, we have witnessed a great turnout by businessmen to renew their membership, and more than 2,000 membership certificates were issued to business owners in the North Al Sharqiyah Governorate only.”

“This initiative has contributed to the recovery of a lot of businesses and institutions that have stopped their activities due to lack of renewal of their commercial records, and it has made it easier for them to launch their businesses as many government agencies require the OCCI membership certificate of complete their transactions,” Al Jabri added.

The Renewal of membership certificate in North Sharqiyah Chamber and most of the other chambers is done via WhatsApp, the only thing is that the record holder has to send a copy of the membership certificate or the commercial record number via WhatsApp.

The person is notified of the required fees and the certificate is issued within five minutes

Ali Al Jabri said: “I invite the project owners to initiate, renew their membership, and benefit from the initiative announced by the Chamber.”

According to the OCCI, this decision was taken to provide best facilities to the members so that they can practice their activities and ensure development of business environment to contribute to the growth of private sector.