Jalan Bani Bu Ali: Old houses, forts, and carved wooden gates

Oman Monday 28/September/2020 21:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Jalan Bani Bu Ali: Old houses, forts, and carved wooden gates

Where: Jalan Bani Bu Ali is located in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate. About 300 kilometres from Muscat, Jalan Bani Bu Ali is known for its ancient history, old watchtowers, an old fort and painted metal doors and traditional carved wooden gates. The wilayat  borders Al Wusta from south, Sur from north and Bidiya and Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan from west. There are many coastal villages here that extend along the coastal strip of the Arabian Sea.

What's Special: Al Homouda Mosque  or Al Qibab Mosque is an important landmark and famous for its 52 domes built in geometric design. This  500-year-old mosque is significant for its unique architecture.The souq sells a variety of modern and traditional goods. This souq is in the south of the town about 1km from the centre and is open on Friday morning. There are many wadis which contain different types of trees and sand dunes. Folk arts like Al Razha, Al Madima, Bin Abbadi and Al Maidan are practised.

Livelihood:  Fisheries is one of the most important economic sectors, contributing to the national economy and providing job opportunities for the local people. Most of the villagers are engaged in fishing and allied activities as a traditional occupation.The wilayat has more than 30 fish facilities spread over the coastal areas and the centre of the wilayat. The fishing port in  Al Ashkharah is a major fishing harbour in the Sultanate. Other traditional occupations include khanjar making, weaving, welding, livestock breeding, handicraft and others.  While farming is the main occupation, ship building is also practised here.