Covid-19: New device in Oman to help disinfect homes

Oman Sunday 27/September/2020 20:58 PM
By: Times News Service
Covid-19: New device in Oman to help disinfect homes

Muscat: An Omani company has brought into the country devices that help reduce people’s chances of contracting COVID-19, by helping to disinfect their homes and personal items.

These devices, which uses ultraviolet light that claims to destroy more than 99 percent of germs, are manufactured by Philips, and recently arrived in Oman and other Middle Eastern countries. To make sure they are safe to use for humans, they first underwent testing at the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories at Boston University in the US.

“We got these devices just a few days ago, and now we will begin promoting them so that there is more awareness about them among people,” said Joby Joseph, the general manager for New 4th Dimension LLC, the company importing these into the Sultanate.

Addressing concerns people might have about the harmful nature of ultraviolet rays, he added, “All of our devices have been tested before being made for the public. Their safety features ensure they do not harm people. For example, there is a motion sensor in them that detects when a person walks into a room that is being disinfected. The lamp within automatically shuts off when it detects someone coming into its range.”

Other security features include a built-in timer to ensure light is only emitted for a short duration, with the products sold in three variants: a UV lamp, a disinfection chamber, and a disinfection trolley.

Explaining how these work, Joseph added, “The UV lamp is best for disinfecting rooms. Keep the lamp in the middle of the room so that it has maximum effectiveness. If you keep it in the corner, it might not be as efficient.

“Similarly, the disinfection chamber can be used to disinfect all your personal items in a matter of just seconds,” he explained.

“One of the most common items we’re in touch with all the time is our mobile phone, so if you are concerned about reducing infection through contact with it, just place your phone in the disinfection chamber, and take it out after five seconds. That’s all it takes. Using hand sanitiser to clean or disinfect the phone might damage it, but that will not happen here.”

While these two devices are very suitable for personal and domestic use, the third type, a trolley on which the UV disinfection lamp is mounted, is better for areas used for public gatherings.

“This has a disinfection radius of 30 square metres,” explained Joseph.

“It is good for meeting rooms, common areas in hotels, gyms, and even mosques and other prayer halls. You can also keep this in a hotel room for a few minutes, wait for it to disinfect the area, and then move the trolley to the next room. Our devices aim to suit the requirements of all the customers.”

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