High risk students can skip schools but need official permission

Oman Tuesday 22/September/2020 11:19 AM
By: Times News Service
High risk students can skip schools but need official permission

Muscat: For the students who have chronic diseases or weak immunity or for parents who are apprehensive of sending their children to schools, the Ministry of Education has issued a decision approving the general framework for schools as they plan to reopen.

There are certain procedures to be approved by the Education Directorate for students to be exempted from visiting schools and sign a pledge to ensure they study at home so that they can appear in the examinations without any difficulty. The Ministry said that the focus would be on the safety of students, faculty and the administration.

The framework includes the study plan, the day programme and the roles of the student and the teacher in e-learning, besides the supplementary programme, education content and evaluation mechanisms.

In a statement, the Ministry said, “The decision is part of the implementation of directives to allocate this year as one for blended education and in preparation to start the academic year 2020-21.”

Citing the advantages of blended learning, the Ministry said that this is a combination of direct classroom teaching and e-learning to raise acceptance of e-learning while continuing to teach subjects and skills which cannot be part of distance learning.

The Ministry also published a number of documents through the educational portal, including: the e-learning regulatory document, the supplementary programme for the curriculum, the teaching content of the curriculum, the harmonisation of some provisions of the general document to evaluate student learning, student affairs regulations, the teacher’s guide in using the online platform and many others.