MEDC increases its network capacity in Muscat

Business Monday 21/September/2020 18:15 PM
By: Times News Service
MEDC increases its network capacity in Muscat

Muscat: Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC), a member of Nama Group, carried on its operational and administrative work despite the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19.

The company had increased its network capacity in the Muscat Governorate by 122 mega-volt-ampere during the first half of 2020 reaching a total network capacity in Muscat to 6,704 mega-volt-ampere.

This expansion contributed to keeping up with the increased demand in the Muscat Governorate serving a total of 6,324 subscribers. Additionally, the company launched the operation of 3 primary substations, 37 of ground-mounted type distribution stations and 11 of poll mounted type; the distribution cables used amounted to a total distance of 262km in the Muscat Governorate.

It is worth noting that through the adoption of new technologies, MEDC managed to optimise its processes, reduce the turnaround time for such services as application submission, as well as better organise the distributing of work shifts and the follow-through. Moreover, MEDC has extended its coordination with local authorities such as online bridging between the company and Muscat Municipality to provide the needed information before the construction work starts.