Airlines can only operate 2 flights a week to existing destinations

Business Saturday 19/September/2020 13:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Airlines can only operate 2 flights a week to existing destinations

Muscat: The CEO of Salam Air, Captain Mohamed Ahmed, has welcomed the decision of the Supreme Committee for opening up Oman Airports from October 1.

"The Civil Aviation Authority, in the first phase, has allowed airlines to operate limited flights at the rate of two flights per week for each of its previous destinations, indicating that Salam Air intends to operate its flights to most of its previous destinations where the airports are open to air traffic," he told ONA.

Regarding the destinations that will witness a turnout when Salam Air operates for flights, the CEO of the company expected that the Istanbul station in Turkey and the Shiraz and Tehran stations in the Islamic Republic of Iran and some Gulf destinations such as the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates would witness a great turnout, given that the start of the school year was delayed until the beginning of next November.

The CEO explained: "It is expected that the Sultanate will witness during the coming period, a large turnout of Gulf tourists, especially since the weather begins to moderate and there are many tourist attractions for which all governorates are famous and attract Gulf families."