A world of natural wonders awaits at Masirah Island

Oman Wednesday 16/September/2020 08:17 AM
By: Times News Service
A world of natural wonders awaits at Masirah Island

Where: The South Sharqiyah governorate is divided into five wilayats —Sur, Jalan Bani Bu Ali, Jalan Bani Bu Hassan, Alkamel-Alwafi and Masirah. Masirah is located 500km south of Muscat and is the largest island of the country.  This island is off the coast of the southern-most part of Sharqiyah. There are a number of villages in the wilayat of Masirah.

What’s Special: Known for kite-surfing, bird-watching, the uninhabited beaches, the magnificent sea views and rugged terrains, Masirah draws visitors throughout the year. The beaches  are home to  sea turtles. Masirah hosts the world’s largest population of Loggerhead sea turtles and Green turtles. One can also go off-roads to explore the rocky terrains and jagged mountains. On the east side of Barr Al Hikman, the island is hilly and Jabal Madrub mountain is in the north end of the island.  The beaches are ideal for camping.

Livelihood: Residents of Masirah are involved in many traditional crafts, fishing and agriculture. It is also known as a haven for fishing enthusiasts.