Exercising: Excuses and Solutions

T-Mag Tuesday 15/September/2020 15:39 PM
By: Antara Bose
Exercising: Excuses and Solutions

When it comes to lacing up those running shoes at five in the morning, it is easier imagined than done. But here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to be running shoes, and it doesn’t have to be five in the morning. Find something that works for you. There, that is one excuse out of the way! Staying fit is something everyone must take more seriously, so it’s time to shrug away those excuses. If you are a fitness enthusiast, this one is still a good read so you can counter your lazy mates the next time they give you one of these.

1) My schedule is packed – It’s all about priorities. The truth is that even the busiest people can make it a point to work out if they want, and that is because they have the will to do it. We always find ways to include things in our day that we think are important. ‘Workouts are important’ – let’s begin by instilling that idea first, and you’ll find yourself making time. If you’re really finding it hard but want to, remember that workouts don’t necessarily have to stretch for hours. Include bursts of it throughout the day and you’ll still get results.

2) I lose interest – The best of us do too. We’re only human, and it’s perfectly normal to get bored doing the same thing, especially if it’s something you don’t particularly enjoy. We’ve heard trainers always use one line - ‘Enjoy your workout’. They say so for good reasons. If workouts feel like a mundane task, you’re bound to quit midway. If you don’t like ‘plain old running’, join a dance class. If you get bored with that too, try swimming. Change it up as often as you like. The idea is to stay active.

3) I have a bad back – Bad back, knees, ankles, and other such medical conditions that don’t allow you to workout can be a concern. But there is a greater problem than the condition itself; it’s the fact that most of us use that as a guilt-free excuse to give up all forms of an active lifestyle. Talk to your physician, and they’ll be able to come up with an alternate course of action. Water aerobics, low-impact workouts, or even chair-based exercises, could be possible alternatives.

4) I get too tired – Assuming this isn’t a medical condition, workouts are meant to tire you a little. But you don’t have to be dripping in sweat to achieve results. Opt for something a little less intense. Besides, there’s no tiredness a few health supplements and the will to get moving can’t fix. Most people actually feel more energized after a workout.

5) I’m getting old – If you’re saying that at thirty-five, you know in your heart that it’s the worst excuse ever, right? That being said, it’s still not too late to start something age-appropriate, as maintaining an active lifestyle will always be encouraged. Build up your strength slowly and consult a physician before diving into something radical.