Beauty parlour services to be assessed: Muscat Municipality

Oman Thursday 27/August/2020 16:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Beauty parlour services to be assessed: Muscat Municipality

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has announced a clarification about the services related to the second phase of the activities of women’s beauty centres that will be allowed after the completion of the assessment conducted by the municipality during this period.

The assessment will measure the extent to which women's centres and activities adhere to the preventive controls and procedures during the provision of services permitted according to the first stage.

The statement concluded, ”This assessment was actually started by the concerned authorities in the municipality and outside it will extend until the end of next week, as the services for the activities referred to included two phases as follows:

* Services allowed in the first phase:

• Haircutting and dyeing

• Clean and trim nails

• Removing body hair with wax or sweetness

* Services permitted in the second phase:

• Make-up

• Skincare (skin cleaning)

• henna

• Massage sites (massage)

“The municipality of Muscat stresses the necessity for all health activities to adhere to the prohibitions contained in the resolution (19/2019) concerning health requirements for related activities, and stresses the prohibition of providing services in violation of this warning, noting that it will take legal measures if it notices otherwise,” the statement added.