11 professions marked for Omanisation

Energy Sunday 05/July/2020 10:23 AM
By: Times News Service
11 professions marked for Omanisation

Muscat: As part of the Omanisation drive, the Ministry of Manpower has issued a decision reserving 11 professions in the private sector for citizens.

The Ministerial Resolution No. 182/2020 regulates the practice of certain professions only for Omanis.

The jobs are: Internal housing supervisor, sociology specialist, social service specialist, social care specialist, psychologist / social specialist, general social worker, student activities specialist, social research technician, social service technician, assistant social service technician and social worker.

Article two of the decision states: “Licences for the recruitment of non-Omani workforce, and work-permit licences issued for professions specified in the article of this Decree shall apply until the date of their expiry."