Muscat Municipality regulates parking of vehicles at Mawaleh market

Energy Tuesday 30/June/2020 17:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Municipality regulates parking of vehicles at Mawaleh market

Muscat: Muscat Municipality has issued a decision determining parking times for vehicles at the Mawaleh Central Market for Vegetables and Fruits as also fines for violators.
A statement issued online by Muscat Municipality said: "In the context of following up the implementation of the precautionary measures aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus and with a view to regulating the food circulation sector for vegetables and fruits, the Muscat Municipality issued Administrative Decision No. (337/2020) regarding determining parking times for vehicles and trucks at Al Mawaleh Central Market for Vegetables and Fruits."
According to the first article of the decision stipulated that: "the parking period for vehicles (refrigerators or trailers) that hold the agricultural release and customs clearance certificates at the Al Mawaleh Central Market should be limited to three days from the moment of their entry."
The second article specifies the parking time for all types of vehicles loaded with local products, refrigerators and trailers earmarked for transport, unloading and loading operations, and trucks at the central market as "only twenty-four hours and limits their activity in the market to "unloading and loading vegetables and fruits only".
"The owners of vehicles parked inside the market be given a period of one week from the date of this decision to transfer them," says the third article.
The fourth article determines the fine for violating the decision. "The administrative fine resulting from violating the decision is imposed as OMR100," it says and seeks removal of the violation within 24 hours. "In the event of non-response, an administrative fine of OMR100 is imposed on for each additional day," the article further adds.
It also provides for removal of the violation and withdrawal of vehicles and trucks outside the market at the expense of the violator "without the municipality bearing any responsibility for the damages that may be caused to it during its transportation to the place of detention, and during the period of its reservation."
"As the Muscat Municipality appreciates the cooperation of all to protect public health, it also calls to contact the Muscat Communications Centre (1111) to provide any comments, reports or inquiries," the statement added.