COVID-19 recoveries across Oman cross 20,000

Energy Saturday 27/June/2020 17:18 PM
By: Times News Service
COVID-19 recoveries across Oman cross 20,000

Muscat: More than 55 per cent of people who’ve tested positive for COVID-19 in Oman have recovered from the disease, according to government data.
The Ministry of Health’s Tarassud app shows that the total number of recoveries in the country, as of June 27, stood at 20,363, while the total cases of the novel coronavirus reported in Oman was around 36,953.
Currently, 16,431 people are still sick, while 159 people have sadly lost their lives due to the virus. A total of 181,808 tests have been conducted so far.
The majority of cases reported in Oman are still in the Governorate of Muscat, with 25,343 cases (68.5 percent of all cases) while recoveries there are about 14,410, or about 70.7 per cent of the net recovery rate across the country.
The Wilayat of Muttrah has posted the highest recovery rate among all the wilayats in the capital, at 4,989, or roughly 34 per cent of recoveries in Muscat. A total of 7,027 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in this part of the capital, which means the recovery rate in Muttrah stands at 70.9 per cent.
However, the Wilayat of Seeb now has the highest number of reported cases in the country, at 8,945, with recoveries there standing at 4,513, or just above 50 per cent. The number of people recovered from the disease in Seeb represents 31.3 per cent of recoveries in Muscat.
In Boushar, where a total of 6,950 cases have come to light, while recoveries there amount to 3,450, which is a rate of slightly less than 50 per cent. The recoveries in Boushar account for 23 per cent of all the people who’ve recovered from the disease.