Customers urged to use self-meter reading service

Energy Monday 22/June/2020 17:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Customers urged to use self-meter reading service

Muscat: Mazoon Electricity Company, the leading electricity provider in Oman, has urged its customers to use its self-meter reading service.
Simple and convenient, the service allows customers to read their own electricity meter and submit the reading for billing through the company’s website.
The self-meter reading service is convenient for those whose meters are installed inside their residences but are not at home when the meter-readers come by. The service particularly meets the needs of customers who prefer submitting their own readings.
Among the benefits of this service is that it ensures customers get actual bills as against an estimated reading. As a self-read customer, it is important for the users to understand how to read the meter.
Entering the correct information, when providing Mazoon Electricity with their meter reading, will ensure that customers are billed accurately. Opting for this service will enable customers to monitor and manage their own monthly consumption.
To avail the service, a customer needs to go to self-meter reading page on the website and enter the required details and a meter photo.
Mazoon Electricity informs that the best time to read the meter is from 12th to 30th of each month, which is the billing period.