Over 5,000 trainees benefit from Sawaed programme

Business Monday 22/June/2020 16:02 PM
By: Times News Service
Over 5,000 trainees benefit from Sawaed programme

Muscat: Oman Logistics Center (OLC) at ASYAD Group, conducted Sawaed programme, training sessions for 5,203 students and career guidance professionals from various governorates of the Sultanate.
The programme's participants earned practical skills in the logistics sector and were acquainted with career prospect and future in logistics companies.
Sawaed programme, implemented by the Human Capital Team at the Oman Logistics Center, aims to keep pace with the potential growth of job opportunities in the logistics sector through vocational training developed based on international quality and standards.
The programme also aims at employing human capital as a key factor for the growth and prosperity of the logistics sector by nurturing national talents and promoting research and development-centric logistics environment, leading to innovation and prompt adoption of cutting-edge technologies across the sector activities.
Highlighting on Sawaed programme, Amina bint Khamis Al-Siyabi, Human Capital Strategist at Oman Logistics Center, stated that: "Sawaed Program was launched in 2016 to attract national talents and raise awareness about career opportunities in the logistics sector. In the last two years, the programme has trained more than 315 students, organised visits for 708 trainees to logistics companies, provided lectures to more than 3,000 students, and contributed to qualifying more than 680 career guidance professionals affiliated to the Ministry of Education, through logistics lectures in various governorates of the Sultanate."
"The training is one of the Sawaed initiatives to provide students of both the logistics industry and its supporting specialisations, such as finance, marketing and other majors, with the necessary skills for future employment. The programme offers students with practical experience in logistics companies, where they get an opportunity to learn about the work environment and build relationships with the professional cadres in various logistics entities," Amina Al-Siyabi added.
She emphasised that through Sawaed programme and under the slogan of – Towards a Promising Logistics Sector, OLC focuses on promoting the attractiveness of the logistics sector, through highlighting growth opportunities in the sector and its role in strengthening the national economy.
She pointed out that, the programme targets various age groups including school, colleges and university students, as well as trainees, workers in other sectors, professional partners in the logistics sector, and job seekers.
Sawaed Programme activities also include organising exhibitions, job fairs, mobile tours, national and international events, and conferences, preparing career guidance and educational material on logistics, she added.
During the outbreak of Covid-19, the programme has conducted a 'Distance Lectures Initiative' for more than 500 participants from various governorates of the Sultanate, where it targeted students who are about to graduate from general diploma, parents and career guidance professional, she explained.