Coronavirus: Muscat registers over 600 new cases

Oman Saturday 20/June/2020 15:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Coronavirus: Muscat registers over 600 new cases

Muscat: Muscat governorate has registered more than 600 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health Tarassud app.

The Sultanate registered 896 new cases of coronavirus taking the total number of cases to 28,566 with 14,780 having recovered from the novel coronavirus.

Saturday also saw 3 new deaths, taking the total to128 so far, 94 of these patients were from Muscat governorate. South Al Batinah recorded 13 deaths, North Al Batinah has seen 9 deaths so far, and 3 patients have died in South Al Sharqiyah. Three new deaths in Al Dakhiliyah, and 2 deaths each in Dhofar and Buraimi has been registered. North Al Sharqiyah and Al Dhahirah have recorded one death each.

The Muscat governorate has registered 615 new cases, 270 of them in the wilayat of Seeb, 170 in Baushar, 125 new cases in Muttrah and 39 in Al Amerat. The Wilayat of Muscat has 9 new cases while Quriyat has 2 new cases . With 678 new recoveries, the total number of patients who have successfully battled COVID-19 has reached 10,809 in the governorate.

North Al Batinah registered 66 new cases on Saturday and now has a total of 2,002 cases, 480 of these are in the wilayat of Suwaiq while 671 are in Sohar. Shinas has recorded 183 cases while Saham reports 321 cases. Liwa has 197 cases while Al Khaburah has 150.

South Al Batinah registered 95 fresh cases of Covid19, whereas Wilayat of Barka has 51 new cases and Rustaq has 12 new cases.Musannah has 21, and Wadi Al Malawi has a single case of infection.

South Al Sharqiyah governorate registered 20 new cases, 7 of which are from the Wilayat of Jalan Bani Buali and Al Kamil wal Wafi has reported 3 new cases.Sur registered a single case of infection.

North Al Sharqiyah governorate registered 25 new cases to reach a total of 449 cases, with 230 cases in Wilayat of Al Mudhaibi, 51 in Bidiyah, 58 in Dima Wattayeen, 12 in Wadi Bani Khalid, 74 in Ibra and 24 cases in the Wilayat of Al Qabil.

Al Dakhiliyah governorate, which has a total of 1, 076 cases, registered 37 new cases on Saturday, 284 in the Wilayat of Samail, 240 in Nizwa, 194 in Bidbid, 145 in Izki, 96 in Bahla, 69 in Adam, 37 in Manah, and 47 cases in the wilayat of Al Hamra. The number of cases in Buraimi governorate has reached 297 out of which 289 are in the wilayat of Buraimi and 8 cases in Mahdah.

In Dhofar governorate, which has a total of 326 cases, 296 are from wilayat of Salalah, 14 cases from Shaleem and Alhalaniyat, and wilayat of Mazyona has reported 11 cases. Wilayats of Taqah and Mirbat have registered 2 cases each. Al Dhahirah governorate has registered 4 and all of them in wilayat of Ibri.

Al Wusta governorate has recorded 969 cases, including 921 in the wilayat of Duqm and 47 in the wilayat of Haima.Al Jazar has recorded a single case of infection. Musandam governorate has so far recorded the lowest cases of infection, with 4 cases of infection and 9 recoveries.