Muscat Municipality launches new e-services package

Energy Monday 15/June/2020 18:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Municipality launches new e-services package

Muscat: To ensure business continuity after lockdown of customer service halls, Muscat Municipality has launched a new package of e-services as a safe alternative.
They include three basic lists of web-based service request for contracts, licences and technical services and have offer the ability to follow-up on the applications.
The online services are available at The basic services on-site are divided into three types (leases, municipal licences and technical licences.
The contracts services include individual lease registration, registration of a lease for a company, registration of a new lease for a lessor (individual or agent), registration of a new lease for a lessor (agent, company), registration of an investment contract (sub-lease), cancelation of a lease and amendment of a lease (amendment of rental value, extension of period, ext.)
Licencing services include request for a new municipal licence, request to cancel a municipal licence, modify a licence - add an activity, and canceling a licence.
Services included in the third type of basic services and licencing services include building permit, application for a building completion certificate, without electricity – water connections, application for a building completion certificate with electricity – water connections, building completion certificate (old building), electricity – water supply, minor building permit (renew), minor permit maintenance, extension building or modification (renew), minor permit building a fence, minor permit maintenance (renew), minor permit adding extension or modification (new), refund of minor permit insurance amount, temporary water delivery, temporary electricity delivery, refund the amount for building permit, Non objection (permit for exterior parking and sunshades for residential building), non objection permit (soil inspection), non objection permit (tiling), Non objection permit for demolition.