Webinar on care during COVID-19 stresses togetherness

Energy Monday 15/June/2020 17:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Webinar on care during COVID-19 stresses togetherness

Muscat: People can get through anything by standing together.
That was the message of a webinar organised by the Whispers of Serenity mental health clinic that emphasised togetherness during challenging times, providing people with a measure of comfort and safety that helped them go a long way in enduring them.
The event titled ‘Healing beyond the aftermath’ was held on the 29th and 30th of May 2020, a month known for raising awareness for mental health. The event took place virtually on Zoom, keeping in mind an accessible platform for everyone to use worldwide.
The main goal of the event was to decipher the meaning of the word ‘healing’ from different perspectives. The 'Not Alone' campaign had a total of 32 speakers (both local and international) during this two-day event, and saw over 350 participants join in.
The campaign hosted guests from different countries such as Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, India, Iran, United Kingdom, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
On day one of the event, the virtual opening ceremony for the event began at noon with an inspiring note by Her Highness Sayyida Basma Al Said, the founder of the Whispers of Serenity Clinic and the Not Alone Campaign.
“Next, we had an amazing performance put together by our very own local band, Pulse and Soul, representing Tunes Oman, singing Heal the World by Michael Jackson,” said a statement from the clinic. “After the panelists spoke, the main virtual room was broken into three separate virtual rooms and the audience were given the choice to pick the speakers to whom they would prefer to listen.
The topic of discussion in the first breakout room was mindfulness and art. Topics in this room covered the way art and mindfulness could help individuals make the best of difficult times.
In the second breakout room, speakers addressed subjects around the topic ‘Heal a life’. In this room were address topics such as businesses, relationships and mental health in the aftermath of COVID-19. The 3rd breakout room addressed the topic of ‘Healing for children’. Here, the mental health of children from different backgrounds, and how they would be impacted in the aftermath were discussed.
Day two consisted of a new set of local and international speakers who covered topics on healing from different points of view such as psychology, psychiatry, art, economy, and medicine.
“Additionally, we had a platform for the youth, Oman’s young minds, to share their feelings during this pandemic,” said the clinic. “Day two of the event also hosted a live talk by a frontline health worker sharing her personal experience and challenges. We also had our very own Whispers of Serenity team member share her personal experience of her tackling COVID-19 and healing from it.
“The Not Alone campaign is glad to play a role in raising awareness during this challenging situation we are all currently facing, and hopes to offer support to any one who feels they are struggling in this pandemic alone,” added the statement. “We are here to remind you that we are virtually accessible when you need us, and you are not alone.”