Omantel wins Best ATD Award 2020

Roundup Monday 08/June/2020 16:07 PM
By: Times News Service
Omantel wins Best ATD Award 2020

Muscat: Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecom service in the Sultanate - announced that the Human Resources Unit represented by the Learning and Development Department won the Best ATD Award 2020, an international award from the US-based Association of Talent Development (ATD).
ATD, which has been established in 1943, is one of the most prestigious, non-profit specialised organisations. Omantel has been conferred this award alongside a group of major well-known companies from different countries around the world.
Omantel has been one of the only three telecom companies that have been selected to receive this prestigious award. The award has been conferred at an annual conference attended by more than 12,000 participants from different countries of the world. The award recognises the best "learning and development for individuals and talents" strategy. It also recognises the initiatives that prove successful and has an impact on business growth and development.
Commenting on this achievement, Dr Ghalib bin Saif Al Hosni, Chief People Officer at Omantel, said, "In Omantel, we have been working during the past years to enhance learning and development and embed as part of our organisational culture with a great focus on customer service throughout all our business operations. Our L&D strategy was developed based on different academic patterns while taking into consideration the best international experiences in this regard."
"Our employee development philosophy has evolved to go beyond the limits of training and learning in the training classes. To take efficiency to new levels, we complemented training courses with practical programs that help each employee in applying what he learns in the real work environment. This has played a great role in enhancing the skills and performance of our employees in a sustainable and continuous matter. We have also provided our employees with mentors to assist them during that educational journey," Dr Ghalib further pointed out.
“We are delighted to receive this international recognition for Omantel plans and programmes during the past period. I am confident that this award will give us the motivation to do more during the coming period. It will also help us to continue focusing on developing our employees and aligning their skills with future jobs, he added.
Omantel considers its employees as the most valuable asset, and therefore it invests heavily in building their capacities and providing them with the best opportunities to enhance their skills in various fields. Through its Learning and Development function, Omantel adds significant value to its business by addressing three key business challenges that include; retaining talent, business sustainability, and enhancing leadership capability. Given the complexity of tackling all talent issues during a single period, beginning in 2016, the company implemented a unique four-year talent journey focusing on a different issue every year.
Omantel is the Sultanate’s first and leading integrated telecommunications services provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, allowing new ways of doing business and delivering a world of information, news and entertainment. Today, Omantel is working to achieve the highest level of customers’ satisfaction as the most reliable and wide national network.