Services to resume partially at Al Mawaleh Central Market in Muscat

Energy Monday 08/June/2020 08:29 AM
By: Times News Service
Services to resume partially at Al Mawaleh Central Market in Muscat

Muscat: Wholesale trade will resume at Al Mawaleh Central Market for Fruits and Vegetables between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am from Monday, June 8.

A statement issued online by Muscat Municipality said: "It has been decided to resume activity at the central market for vegetables and fruits as of Monday evening, 8 June 2020, provided that the work is restricted to wholesale trade only from 10:00 pm till 6:00 am. "

The Municipality pointed out, "Customs clearance and refrigerator checking will be conducted by customs and agricultural quarantine staff in the logistics city or border crossings.Refrigerators that pass the examination will be allowed to enter the market, provided that proof of customs clearance is given and they will be given only 24 hours in order to unload the goods."

"Local producers must register their full data through the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries one day before entering the market and bring proof. Provided that the vegetables and fruits are loaded in refrigerated trucks from the size of 3 tonnes or more. They are allowed to enter from 10 pm until 1 am as long as each vehicle has two people or less."

The Muncipality also said: "Merchants coming from various wilayats of the Sultanate to buy vegetables and fruits in refrigerated or closed trucks of size 3 tonnes or more can enter during the specified time only with a maximum of two persons per vehicle."

"The market will remain closed for private vehicles and retailers and unauthorised workers," the statement added.