Health isolation lifted in wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali's market area

Oman Saturday 06/June/2020 14:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Health isolation lifted in wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali's market area

Muscat: After recovery of all infected people and not recording any new COVID-19 infections for two weeks, it was announced that the health isolation has been lifted in the commercial market area in the wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali.

According to officials, in about 'one kilometre-radius' of an isolated area, 97 cases of COVID-19 were recorded and all of them have recovered.

The commercial souq area in the wilayat of Jalan Bani Bu Ali in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate was announced as an isolated area on April 16, after a community spread of COVID-19 infections was found.

Salim Al Ruzaiqi, the manager of Administrative Affairs in wilayat Jalan Bani Bu Ali said, "1500 expats and 600 citizens live in the area and no cases were reported among the Omanis. All the 97 infected expats have recovered from coronavirus, the youngest case being a three-year-old child."

He added, "For 14 days, we have not registered any new cases and so the decision to lift the health isolation in the area has been taken."

"During the health isolation period, epidemiological survey teams conducted random checks on people who were showing symptoms in different workers' residential areas in the wilayat, by God's grace all of them were negative," Al Ruzaiqi explained.

"I thank all the volunteer teams who helped us manage the sanitation sites, spread awareness about the virus, and help limit its spread," he added.

Al Ruzaiqi stressed that society should adhere to the precautionary measures, including social distancing and stick to the quarantine period for those who've been in contact with infected people or shown symptoms of the disease."

He added, "There are a number of people returning from their workplaces who have not adhered to the quarantine measures as requested and later they've tested positive. By the time we find them, they've already transmitted the disease to their families."