Renna Mobile launches 4G service for all its customers in Oman

Oman Thursday 12/May/2016 18:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Renna Mobile launches 4G service for all its customers in Oman

Muscat: Renna Mobile has announced the launch the latest & fastest Internet Access 4G Service for all its customers.
Conveying happiness on the launch occasion of 4G services, Raed Haddadin, CEO, Renna Mobile said, “We are delighted to offer the latest 4G technology of internet access to all our customers. As we know the technology handles mobile internet more capably, allowing faster and consistent mobile internet connectivity. We are always committed to serve our customers at the best possible means in terms of either technology or in terms of affordable internet offerings.”
Haddadin also explained, “Any Renna Mobile customer is having 4G enabled handset can avail this service. At most our customer needs to switch off and then switch on his handset for 4G service. Renna Mobile customers do not need to pay any rental or any extra charges for the 4G Service. The amazing speed and efficiency of 4G technology, will give an enhanced experience to our Renna Customers.”
He added, “Launch of 4G service clubbed with our Internet offerings and promotions, makes the most affordable – high speed Internet solution for customers”
Renna Mobile already has the varied internet offers and promotions to fit customers’ behavior and budgets. While it offers the lowest entry point for internet bundles in Oman, it also provides a great price/data ratio in the market.
Renna mobile offers a complete range of internet bundles of different validities with different price points. All the exciting internet bundle offers can be accessed on Renna mobile web site (
With an objective of providing the best deals for its customers, Renna Mobile has been offering affordable packages and unparalleled service delivery over the years. The excellent network coverage in the Sultanate, allows Renna Mobile customers to enjoy great services across Oman.
Renna Mobile has witnessed a rapid growth through its special marketing campaigns and its wide coverage. With a goal to attract new customers in the coming years, Renna Mobile wants to keep persistent focus on customer service. Haddadin said, “We want our customers to get the benefits of a great 4G connection and offering; this will complement our existing strategy of delivering the best of services with affordable offerings. 4G is good news for customers who want quicker speeds to browse the internet and watch videos or download movies or music.”