Ten inspirational quotes from Omani scholar Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry

Oman Thursday 12/May/2016 13:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Ten inspirational quotes from Omani scholar Sheikh Khalfan Al Esry

1) “Muslims are considered as the agents of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH (PBUH) on earth. And for a human being, life is very short. So, in this short span of time, he or she should do good deeds and add value to society. A Muslim should always toil for the progress of society he lives in.”

2) “Dream big, aspire high; unleash your talent; transform the talent into skills; hold tight to your values; and aim to leave a legacy behind.”

3) “Those who have achieved their dreams didn’t do it sitting in a comfort zone. They challenged the status quo.”

4) "I ask the youth to move from one mindset to another. They need to move from the mindset of focusing on the problem to focusing on the solution. They also need to change from the mindset of slogans and emotions to the mindset of peaceful dialogue. They need to shift from being emotional to rational, move from being subjective to objective.”


5) "What I am suggesting to the youth is stop being a mere spectator. Instead, get into the playing field; just understand how difficult it is to play the game. Understand how difficult it is to run an organisation, understand the difficulty of having employable people and then you will know the issues and appreciate how complex it is.”

6) "I am more optimistic than ever that this country's tomorrow is going to be better, not only from the community's point of view but also from the economical, social and political point of view. I am more optimistic than ever that this country is going to shine as it moves to the next era. This is going to happen under the wise guidance of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said."

7) “There is nothing like mission impossible. We need to have a short-term will, medium-term resolution and long-term plan.”

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8) “I would like to see every successful Omani businessman and businesswoman to mentor 10 young Omanis. Without mentoring we won't move forward.”

9) “Follow the "Four Ds," which are desire, decision, discipline and determination. If you don't have a strong desire, you won't be successful, and you must make a decision and be ready to pursue your vision and passion. Discipline is a matter of doing what you need to do when you need to it. Determination is to say failure is not an option."

10) “Being productive and sincere in the job will be rewarded”.