Islam exhibition conveys Oman’s message of peace

Oman Wednesday 13/July/2016 22:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Islam exhibition conveys Oman’s message of peace
Queensland: “Message of Islam” exhibition, which continues its global tours to advocate the values of peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding and positive dialogue under the title “Peace to the Whole World” was held at the Multi-Religious Studies Centre at Australia’s Griffith University, which is one of the most important centres seeking to spread the values of peace and mutual respect.
The exhibition will continue until July 22.
Dr. Brian Adams, head of the centre said: “What distinguishes this exhibition is that it introduces Islam in Oman in its purest image through the real life of tolerance, understanding and coexistence with all human beings and acceptance of others while preserving the customs and traditions of their community, and this is an important lesson for all human beings.”
He added: “We at the Multi-Religious Studies Centre aim to find respect for different religions by building bridges of understanding about customs and traditions that are enjoyed by other religions.”
“When we respect each other, we can turn our society into a productive one, and this is what the exhibition calls for by transferring the experience of Oman to us.”
Mohammed bin Said Al Ma’amari, supervisor general of the exhibition, said in a speech: “The exhibition in its first tour in Australia has acquired a new partnership with prestigious institutions and centres to deliver (the message of peace) of Oman to
the world.”
He further stressed that “young people in the world need to have real initiative to enlighten them with spiritual values and the importance of the role of universities and scientific centres in this aspect.”
He pointed out that, “The aim of the exhibition is the delivery of Oman’s experience in shared values and common human values for a better tomorrow for the present generations and the coming future.”
The exhibition falls within the context of the efforts made by the Sultanate in the dissemination of noble human values and bringing the message of peace to the world, amidst an atmosphere of regional tensions, and the spillover of extremism, terrorism and violence, and to be the voice of (the message of peace) in response to all of these inhuman practices that are inconsistent with the teachings of religions and cultures, which love mercy and peace.
It has also managed through its varied paintings, exhibits and events to draw the attention of visitors to the overall renaissance being experienced by the Sultanate under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, which has made Oman the focus of the world’s attention for its interest in all that leads to peace, and disputes resolved by peaceful means and by combating extremism, violence and hatred.