Panel monitoring factories producing basic commodities

Energy Saturday 25/April/2020 19:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Panel monitoring factories producing basic commodities

Muscat: A panel entrusted with the task of monitoring the working of factories producing basic commodities and the availability of raw materials for them has reported that work in factories under its watch is continuing.

The Technical Committee of the Economic Aspects Team continues its work in following up factories operating in basic commodities, in light of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The committee consists of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Transport, Directorate General of Customs at the Royal Oman Police, Public Authority of Stores and Food Reserve (PASFR), Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) , Oman Global Logistics Group (Asyad) and Oman Aviation Group.

The formation of the team came with the aim of following up the repercussions that affect the economic aspects due to the spread of the Coronavirus, ensuring the provision of basic commodities and facilitating the crossing of commodities through border outlets.

Mohammed bin Said Al Mahrouqi, Head of the Exemptions Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, who chaired the technical committee of the economic team, said that the team was formed by a decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry and it is headed by the ministry’s undersecretary.

He added that coordination between members of the committee is done through meetings, as the team held five meetings to date. He furthered that members of the team communicate daily through electronic programs and email.

He added ,"The committee continues to follow the local factories operating in the field of commodities, to be sure about the stock of primary raw materials and the availability of spare parts to ensure the continuity of the work of these factories”.

He stressed that all the factories in the free zones and industrial areas affiliated to Madayn are operating normally.

He explained that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced several precautionary measures related to the work of industrial establishments with the aim of limiting the effects of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).