Omani doctor in the UK infected with COVID-19

Oman Tuesday 21/April/2020 15:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani doctor in the UK infected with COVID-19

Muscat: One of the Omani doctors who preferred to stay in the United Kingdom, has been infected with coronavirus to provide treatment to the infected people with coronavirus.

A statement issued online by Oman News Agency { ONA ), said: "Dr. Sultan bin Saif Al Kalbani, a specialist in orthopedics and an envoy for training in the Spine Randomization Surgery Program in the British city of Nottingham said that the humanitarian motives and Omani character of selflessness were a reason for his and his colleagues' stay in British hospitals."

He added in a statement to the Omani News Agency that his infection with the virus at the beginning of its spread despite all the intensive precautions made him more determined to provide everything he has and treat the infected and sick with this virus.

Where a number of Omani doctors dispatched from the Oman Council of Medical Specializations to the United Kingdom decide to stay and continue their work following the developments of the Coronavirus.