Dr Nair to be cremated in Sohar after family gives consent

Energy Sunday 19/April/2020 19:27 PM
By: Times News Service
Dr Nair to be cremated in Sohar after family gives consent

Muscat: The body of the late Dr Rajendran Nair, who passed away on Friday due to complications from COVID-19, will be cremated in Sohar, after his family provided consent for the funeral to be done locally.
An official from the Embassy of India said, “We had the option of sending the body back to Kerala as well, but had that been the case, his family would not have been able to attend his funeral. They provided us the consent to carry out the final rites locally, and these will be done at the crematorium in Sohar.
“We have, even during the period of COVID-19, repatriated two bodies, but we will now not need to do it in this case,” he added.
PM Jabir, the community welfare secretary of the Indian Social Club in Muscat, said strict protocols were in place when it came to handling the bodies of those who had died from the novel coronavirus.
“There are procedures that the Indian embassy will now need to work on with local authorities, because it would not be possible to transport the body, as he passed away due to COVID-19,” he explained. “The funeral services might have to be done locally.”