Coronavirus: Keeping busy while at home

Energy Sunday 19/April/2020 19:21 PM
By: Times News Service
Coronavirus: Keeping busy while at home

Muscat: While the Sultanate has taken measures to curb the spread of the ongoing global pandemic, coronavirus (COVID-19), people in the country have improvised, adapted and overcome by finding ways to keep busy at home.
One such example is of a young Omani female law student, Miaad Al Hajri, who initially found it difficult to cope up with being quarantined at home but soon she found herself the right way to keep occupied.
“I wouldn't say it was easy, especially in the beginning not knowing how long I will be staying at home in quarantine. But, I am hopeful that soon things will be better. I am a senior law student, so I don't get time to do extra-curricular activities as I am very busy finishing up my assignments and projects before the due date.
“However, besides that, I have started reading again and recently finished a very motivational book called The Secret. I am into motivational books as it kind of lifts your spirit up especially in times like these, and therefore, I tend to read one every day before going to bed. It really helps a lot to forget all the chaos around,” Al Hajri said.
“I don't work-out or nor I am into cooking, but my brain is working constantly throughout the day with all the assignments and projects I have due for this semester. So, reading a book that gives you the needed push works like wonders for me,” she added.
Al Hajri also found out her love for ginger tea during the quarantine time.
“The other thing I have discovered about myself during the quarantine time is my love for ginger tea. I have become obsessed with ginger tea although I am a coffee person. It all started with my mom encouraging me to drink ginger tea to help prevent from getting infected with coronavirus, and now I am completely hooked to eat. Basically, if there is any other thing I drink besides water throughout the day to keep myself hydrated is ginger tea,” she added.