These three sterilizers banned in Oman

Oman Thursday 16/April/2020 15:54 PM
By: Times News Service
These three sterilizers banned in Oman

Muscat: The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has withdrawn three sterilizers that do not meet the required specifications to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

PACP has withdrawn three sterilizers —- Pure Jel, Hand sanitizer and Delete from the market.

The ministry said in its statement: "The reason for stopping these products is due to a decrease in the percentage of ethanol which have to be not less than 60 per cent that should help in getting rid of germs, in addition to these sterilizers has presence of high-level of methanol, which is a highly flammable substance and it affects the nervous system and may cause irritation to the respiratory system, skin and eyes."