Students in Dhofar Governorate complete isolation period

Oman Thursday 16/April/2020 10:46 AM
By: Times News Service
Students in Dhofar Governorate complete isolation period

Muscat: All students kept in institutional isolation in Dhofar Governorate have left the isolation centers after completing the prescribed period.

The Director General of the General Directorate of Social Development in the Dhofar Governorate and the supervisor of the relief and sheltering sector in the governorate said in a statement that all scholarship students had left the institutional isolation centers after completing the 14-day period for isolation.

He said that Dhofar Governorate had three centers for institutional isolation, two in Salalah and the third in Wilayat Al Mazyona. While 346 persons had been accommodated in all centers since the activation of the sector to this day, 196 had left the centers and 150 remain to complete the isolation period.

He explained: "The three isolation centers in the Governorate are Millennium Hotel Salalah, which has 72 guests, Bristol Hotel in Wilayat of Salalah with 7 guests, and the shelter center in Wilayat of Al Mazyona, which was recently activated, having 71 guests, all of whom are expatriates working in the Wilayat."

The Supreme Committee identified 200 centers for institutional isolation, distributed among the various Governorates. The Governorate of Muscat has received 3,000 people to date in isolation centers.