LIVE: Our doctors are fully equipped to deal with coronavirus, says Minister

Business Thursday 16/April/2020 10:12 AM
By: Times News Service
LIVE: Our doctors are fully equipped to deal with coronavirus, says Minister

Muscat: Members of the Supreme Committee is hosting a virtual press conference to talk about the the latest updates of Covid-19 in Oman.

Here are the updates:

1. Today, 1,019 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, says Minister of Health

2. Out of the 1019 case confirmed, 635 cases in the country are expats

3. Minister of Health: 12 cases reported in Jalan Bu Ali that is why we have isolated the area this morning.

4. Minister of Health: Number of cases still on the rise. We must continue the precautionary measures.

5. Minister of Health: Two expatriates who died are less than 50 years of age.

6. Companies should try to keep themselves afloat in situations like this, says Minister of Manpower.

7. Minister of Health: Companies affected with Covid-19 crisis can reduce salaries of private sector employees.

8. Minister of Manpower: Companies affected by Covid-19 must show proof before deducting salaries of workers.

9. Minister of Manpower: Salaries deducted must be returned to the employees soon.

10. Minister of Health: 184 cases recorded in wilayat of Muttrah only.

11. Minister of Health: Numbers will rise end of this month.

12. Minister of Manpower: Employees can be transferred to another company if both the companies agree. However the worker cannot move himself. It has to be agreed between the companies only.

13. Minister of Health: Virus will peak between April 20 - 30.

14. Minister of Health: Frequent cases of infection with the virus are not clear. One of the recovering cases in the Sultanate was examined after 28 days and it was found that he was still a carrier of the virus.

15. Minister of Health: In Oman, plasma therapy was tried and it was successful. We thank all those who donated their blood for treatment.

16. Minister of Manpower: There is a coordination between concerned authorities to negotiate with countries on the expulsion of migrant workers and once the conscious has been reached, measures will be taken to deport them.

17. Minister of Health: For those in the ICU the cost of treatment reaches OMR 1,000 per day per person.

18. Minister of Health: All our doctors are equipped to deal with coronavirus.

19. Minister of Health: We have done more than 16 trips to China and brought many supplies. We have received some solutions from some European countries and we hope to examine the largest number of cases.