Coronavirus: Expat work visa fee reduced

Business Wednesday 15/April/2020 15:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Coronavirus: Expat work visa fee reduced

Muscat: A statement issued by the Supreme Committee in charge of examining the mechanism to deal with developments resulting from the spread of the coronavirus emerging as COVID- 19.

The package includes a number of facilities provided by the government to private sector institutions and companies, including facilities provided by the Ministry of Manpower, including:

1. Reducing the fees for renewing non-Omani workforce cards starting from its date until the end of June 2020, to become 201 OMR instead of 301 OMR, while permitting the renewal of expired cards for institutions and companies that have an Omani workforce and owners of small and medium enterprises registered in social insurance.

2. Exemption from fees and fines resulting from work permits for the non-Omani workforce provided that they leave the Sultanate for a final departure.

3. Allowing the employers to renew the expired work permits for workers currently outside the Sultanate during the precautionary period, and to be exempt from the fines resulting therefrom, after coordination with the competent authorities.

4. Extending the period of licenses to recruit a non-Omani workforce that expires during this period.

5. Initial work permits may be approved for a non-Omani workforce that is partial or temporary use, where fees are calculated for the number that the establishment wishes to bring.

6. Multiple establishments owned by the same partners may assign their employees to work in any of these establishments when necessary.

7. The package permits the private sector establishments to use the workforce of other establishments to work in their establishments according to a written agreement between the establishments.

8. Allowing the private sector institutions and companies affected to terminate their non-Omani workforce work contracts, provided that these institutions commit to pay all employee dues and leave the Sultanate permanently.